Take Action

informAn information campaign drive by the youth and among the youth about what is human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and who human rights defenders (HRDs) are. It aims to build awareness and generate support for the AMMB and other green bills.


Tell-  Tell others, discuss, talk about the right to environment, the right to defend it and the 3 GREEN Bills (AMMB, NLUA and FRB)

Exhibit – Set up photo exhibits about the campaign, sign up and photo booth

Post – Like and share posts online, invite others to do the same, participate in the online actions.

Distribute – Diseminate campaign and information materials

inspireInspire the youth to assert protection of our environment and the right to safe sound and balance ecology through creative means and the use of social media.

INSPIRE others to become GREEN Defenders, that it’s never hard to be GREEN. Recruit GREEN and Determined people to join our cause for the defense of the environment and human rights.

Express support through the GREEN defender’s Selfie

1.  Download and wear the green mask and the green shield

2.  take a photo of oneself

3.  Post on your social media account and/or submit to It’s Never Hard To Be GREEN FB page use the hashtag #ItsNeverHardToBeGREEN and #PassThe3GREENbills


 Express support by joining the #ItsNeverHardToBeGREEN challenge

1.  Record, make a video of yourself while performing (Sing, dance, draw etc) and don’t forget that your piece must have message/s about your concerns on the environment and end the performance by stating  #ItsNeverHardToBeGREEN and the names of your friends that you want to challenge

2. Post online or submit to It’s Never Hard To Be GREEN FB page and challenge your friends by tagging them

actGenerate support and mobilize participation in creative actions in calling for the government to respect and protect HR and environment.

Initiate a solidarity campaign for human rights and the environment. Initiate actions to support the call for the repeal of laws that harm the right of the people for a safe, sound and balance ecology and the legislation of green bills.

Remember OMG! Organize, Move the campaign, Get Attention

Inform and inspire others to do the same

1.  Do the T.Ex.Po.D. to your communities, school, area

2.  Participate online and offline. Inform, inspire others to do the same

3.  Join the July 24 GREEN MARCH (To be announced)


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