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WHAT IS “CAUSEPLAY, HR and Environment Defenders campaign”?

WHAT IS “CAUSEPLAY, HR and Environment Defenders campaign”?

causeplayInspired by the performance art called cosplay where participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Targeting the youth and with a twist, “Causeplay” will encourage the youth to join the cause for protection of human rights and our environment.

An information campaign drive by the youth and among the youth about what is human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and who human rights defenders (HRDs) are.  It aims to build awareness and generate support for the AMMB and other green bills.

Inspire the youth to assert protection of our environment and the right to safe sound and balance ecology through creative means and the use of social media.

Generate support and mobilize participation in creative actions in calling for the government to respect and protect HR and environment.

Initiate a solidarity campaign for human rights and the environment. Initiate actions to support the call for the repeal of laws that harm the right of the people for a safe, sound and balance ecology and the legislation of green bills.