This video hopes to make you appreciate nature

Uploaded on Nov 2, 2010 @ Youtube

Fingerprints – Written and performed by Cian McGovern.
The HD video is a montage from other youtube videos which includes footage from BBC Motion Gallery.…

The song was inspired after watching HD footage of earth one day on youtube. The pop synth ballad tells of a marsian who happens upon the planet on this travels through space. He is in awe of it’s mystery, intelligence and beauty.

With this short production, I hope that I can provide some escapism for 6 and a half minutes and also make you appreciate the piece of rock you are standing on, which is often taken for granted. Enjoy.


I stand upon the shoulders of these giants,
You should see the view,
Incredible to say the least,
Looking from the outside of this womb.
I dare to cross the barrier in hope,
that I may just find you,
Hold on I’ve just departed now and
I’ll arrive there soon.

I ‘ve sailed the seven seas on my own,
It took all day all night,
I’ve climbed the steepest mountains now,
They brought me to the light.
I think I’ve finally found my place of refuge,
I have here all I need,
I spent my whole past lifetime with infinity,
Yet here I feel so free.

Are you just a lump of rock floating out in space,
Looking for a place to call your home?
Will there come a day when you will leave without a trace,
I see fingerprints.
A billion generations all embedded in your skin,
They’re gone but yet they know just what to do,
I hope some day I join it all the network that’s within,
See those fingerprints, I see fingerprints in you.

So many magic tricks and brilliant visions,
You put on quite a show,
So many variations, forms and colours,
Infinitely more.
From black to white, both day and night,
Oh its all here, from beauty to the beast,
This massive giant puzzle that you’ve made to share,
They all fit piece by piece.

Chorus X2


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